Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After Christmas is a time when I feel our house looks cluttered. After receiving so many Christmas gifts and having no "home" for them yet, it just seems we have stuff in every corner. I am trying to tackle one place at a time. Our living room is clutter free, while I need to spend some quality time in the dining room. The past few weekdays, I've been spending some needed time in the basement crushing cans, boxes and sorting through stuff that's just been banished to the basement. I know I've made great progress, but how often do I go to the basement? Answer: to do laundry twice a week.

I try to keep our kitchen decluttered since we remodeled in May of 2008. It is a daunting task as the kitchen is where the kids dump their backpacks, our boots/winter apparel our housed and it just seems to naturally collect stuff. The counter is a empty flat spot, which turns into piles of stuff quickly.

This past weekend, I did clean out my dresser and pulled out a huge bag full of stuff that I'll be donating.

It does seem that when I go on these de-cluttering sprees, I do better healthwise as I am concentrating on the clutter and not on food. I know I've got lots of work to do, but what else is there to do on these cold days? It is hard to get much done while the babe is awake, but the two hours of naptime are money.


noelle said...
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noelle said...

I'm in declutter mode too. Do you need any little people? lol

Keep it up! Kids can accumulate soooo much stuff. It's hard to stay on top of it all.

Kathy said...

I have yet to know a flat surface that does not get covered with stuff! You are a trooper to keep at it. When I have something to do that I really hate, I set the timer on the oven for 30 minutes and tell myself that when that alarm goes off that I have the right to quit whatever I'm doing. Nine times out of ten I end up going on a little longer but either way, I have accomplished something.

Karyn said...

Talk about clutter! There are 5 of us living in a one level 1040 sq foot house with no where to put anything!. I really need a basement! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Noelle. No little people needed. Would you like some Polly pockets? The wife!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I love decluttering. Life is just better when everything is nice and tidy.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Noelle~Our girls are past the little people stage, we've kept some of the cars, the garage, and a few people, but the rest have been passed on. I had the kitchen good this morning and once the kids got home, it was like I had never touched it.

Kathy~That flat surface thing just kills me. Not sure why it happens, but it does.

Karyn~The more people, the more clutter. If it were just me I'd have to worry about, that would be bad enough.

Wife~I'll take care of getting rid of "stuff!"

Andrew is Getting Fit~Everything seems to flow so much better when I don't have the junk to worry about too.