Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Nuts!!

I've started a weekly habit of taking the kids to McDonald's after dropping my oldest off at her choir practice at 4:30 on Tuesdays. I could make tons of excuses, but it's really just because I'm too lazy to get something ready quick and the fast food is so quick and convenient.

We usually order 2 mighty kids meals for the 3 younger kids to share, while we get our oldest something on her way home as well. This week, I picked her up and give her the ice cream option. We tell her that if she orders two things off the $1 menu she can have an ice cream sundae too. She has usually passed on this deal because she likes getting the junky toys that just add to the clutter at home. But, this week, she took the ice cream since I told her what the toys were and she wasn't much interested in another beanie baby.

She was so excited when we got the ice cream and the guy at the window asked if we wanted nuts with that. She thought that was awesome. "You mean they give you free nuts!" "Wow that's way better than a toy!!"

Simple thrills.

I've having a good week staying away from snacks. That has definitely proved to be a key to success along with the tracking. Seems if I'm "selectively tracking," I snack much more, but when I'm honest about what I eat to myself, I'm stearing clear of the extra snacks.


Kathy said...

Choice! What an adult world she is entering! I've been trying to use fruits and vegetables as snacks even if I don't do anything else diet like. I figure I'm at least getting some good nutrients and it's one less sugar or fat loaded food I'll be ingesting!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Haha, wow. You know, sometimes you need to see the world through kids eyes. Because free nuts ARE pretty awesome. They don't HAVE to give you the nuts. You could have the ice cream without the nuts and still be pretty happy. But ice cream AND nuts? That's a sweet deal!

Good job on the tracking!

Karyn said...

That's so cute. It is so amazing what trivial things can actually be important and exciting. Good for your daughter!

spunkysuzi said...

Honesty in tracking is definitely the way to go :)

Yum Yucky said...

My kid begged me for carrots and grapes for dessert. I didn't have any to give - only crap stuff like freeze pops.

Motherly FAIL!

Oh Sew Good said...

There's nothing like simple appreciation to warm the heart, huh?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kathy~She has a difficult decision every time we give her a choice.

Fat Lazy Guy~Free nuts are pretty awesome!

Karyn~I'm sure she'll remember it for a long time.

Spunkysuzi~I'm not sure why I was trying to trick myself, but the honest tracking sure seems to be working well.

Yum Yucky~My kids like carrots for dessert too, but only when covered with peanut butter!

Oh Sew Good~It was definitely a moment of pure excitement of a child.