Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tale of the Cookie Tin

I've been doing a lot of purging of "stuff" lately. I'm just sick of toys and other Christmas gifts not having a place of their own yet. Not only that, but many of our Christmas gifts were meant to replace old stuff that needs to thrown away, but I just have been too lazy or hadn't found the time.

Yesterday, I found an old cookie tin in the cabinets while getting rid of stuff, that had been there untouched since we got our kitchen remodeled close to two years ago. The contractor who remodeled the kitchen sent us homemade chocolate cookies that were some of the best I've ever eaten. I threw the tin in one of the cabinets never to look at it again until yesterday.

I was sorting through toys and came across our alphabet refrigerator magnets. They were tossed in a tote loosely and I thought of the cookie bin. What a great place for the magnets. They fit perfectly. I was so proud that I had found the perfect container for them, that I left them out on the kitchen counter.

I picked up my 4 yr old from preschool and the first thing he did was notice the tin and let out a "huh!". He always does that when something out of the ordinary happens. He went to open the tin and quickly closed it again.

Later, we picked the girls up from school. My 8 yr old as well was quickly intrigued. Running over to the tin before she had even taken her coat off. A sad "oh?" was all she could let out.

One hour later, my wife entered the kitchen. As fast as the kids if not faster, she investigated the countertop treasure. Again, disappointment!

My 1 yr old loves his new magnet holder and maybe we'll try to trick everyone today and really make cookies to put in the tin.


Anonymous said...
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Oh Sew Good said...

I thought you were going to say you discovered cookies you hadn't touched in years. :) LOL! Imagine my surprise.

Karyn said...

Alphabet refrigerator magnets! I remember those days.

I miss having young kids but, now my kids are old enough to be out running and hiking and biking with me. So they are just as much fun. I can enjoy the young ones again when I get grand kids. :)

Miz said...

our lives are so so similar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should hide cookies in a toy container!! They would last longer that way.


spunkysuzi said...

Hey TB i have an award for you on my blog :)

Yum Yucky said...

My kid kept trying to eat the magnets. I had to throw ours out.