Tuesday, January 19, 2010

McDonald's Promotion

Living in the cold weather has it's advantages at this time of the year. McDonald's always runs a winter special involving Big Macs. You buy one and get the second one for how ever much the temperature was the day before. Yesterday, the high was 26 degrees, so the second Big Mac is 26 cents. What a steal!

I'm not sure how my body would react to eating a McDonald's burger of any kind. I haven't gone to MickeyD's for a burger since starting on my WW journey some 3 years ago. I'm an expert in their flavor and really don't need to try anymore to tell you how they taste.

Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of fries (kids allow give me 3), and I've stopped for the occasional parfait or cone, but their sandwiches just don't appeal to me anymore.

I love burgers!! But I'm not going to settle for a cheap one, even if they pay me to take it, which could happen if we get below 0 degrees.

I would take a free Subway cookie on Free Cookie Monday though.

Have a great Tuesday. Looking forward to the Biggest Loser. Always like it more after a few weeks since there's less people to focus on now.


MizFit said...

their sandwiches just don't appeal to me anymore.
for me it was Wendys. FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICHES.

loved em.
no allure now at all.

STILL SHOCKS ME (not the love ;) the no allure or pangs of wanting) after 14 years.

I guess tastes can change huh?


Oh Sew Good said...

After reading your blog today, I would want a McDonald's burger even less then I did when I started reading your blog. :) Big Mac? Ewww!

Green Tea said...

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Ron said...

Quarter pounders with cheese used to be my favorite, Wonder what they taste like now ? Probably the same!

Melissa (TheDailyMel) said...

Hmm, McD's doesn't run specials like that out here. Then again, we think it's cold when it drops into the 60's. ;) Some of the Subway shops run a special that you can get a free soup with purchase if it's raining outside when you are in their store. Given all the rain we've had in L.A. this week, they may be regretting that promotion. LOL