Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Time

I generally am a morning person. I don't mind waking up early with the kids and getting everything ready for the day, but if one little part of our routine is off, I get stressed. Stress equals binging on something I know better than to touch.

Monday happened to be one of those days. The kids returned to school after Christmas break. We had everything lined up and ready to go the night before. All boots, hats, mittens, shoes, school bags, etc. were set out. 7:30am arrived and the kids were not ready! My 8 yr old was the only one set to go. My 5 yr old decided to take what seemed like an eternity to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. We ended up getting there in plenty of time, but it still added stress to the morning and that's all I need to give myself permission to eat.

Later that morning, another stressor occurred. I had made an appointment in early November to get our furnace checked. There's been condensation dripping from the bottom instead of going out the hose like it should. Our appointment was for 8-12. Of course, they came 10 minutes before I was supposed to pick up our 3 yr old from preschool. The technician didn't stay long, but it was still long enough to make me late and add another reason to eat.

Today, has been a very different sitaution. Lots of snow has been falling and I got everyone ready WAY early even with a minor meltdown of looking for a missing gym bag. Our furnace guy once again gave us the 3 hr window of 9-12 and actually came right at 9. We needed a new part and it was still under warranty, which made an even better morning.

Two seperate days, two totally different outcomes. Love it when everything goes as planned.

Thumbed when waiting patiently on my iPhone.

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