Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's All in the Way You Slice the Pizza

My kids handed in their pizza and Kringle fund raiser sheets today. We sold $350 worth of homemade pizzas and Racine Kringles. We eat a lot of pizza!

Every Sunday, after going to church, our kids expect a frozen pizza. This has been a quick lunch every Sunday for as long as I can remember. As our family has grown, something strange has happened. We have more leftover pizza than every before! Why? My kids love pizza!

Instead of slicing the pizza in the quick and easy 8 slices, I've starting slicing the pizza into 12 slices. What a difference in our pizza consumption. For some reason, the kids all need 2 slices, but they haven't noticed that the slices have gotten smaller. They never want another slice after two.

It may be a psychological thing, gotta have two slices. It may be a physical thing, I'm full after two slices. Or it could be a combination of both. I tend not to eat any of the pizza except for my little guy's crust since I rationalize that it's "way to tough" for him to eat.

I'll continue to slice the pizza in 12ths and possibly try to even slip in some broccoli, mushrooms or even better...peas, on the slices. Wonder if they'll notice.


noelle said...

Interesting. My oldest son uses the amount of food as a guide to how much he eats. As in, he eats until the food is gone. Guess that's part of being an active 7th grade boy.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

It's definitely psychological. I used to think I had to finish the fries, but now throwing some away is OK for me. It had nothing to do with how hungry I was; it was mostly habit.

Doug said...

oh man racine kringle. I miss it so.

Can you send some out to southern cali???? :)

Mmmmmmm that would totally break me. I'm glad I'm in a health obsessed city now.

Oh Sew Good said...

I suppose you could start off with adding a little veggie-tomato sauce to start. It couldn't hurt. :) Interesting about the 8 to 12 slices though.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Noelle~I think my 8 yr old does that same thing, but she has gotten way better since we keep the food off the table and only dish out what we need.

Tony~I hate throwing food away. I was always taught to clean your plate.

Doug~I love me some Kringle!! I have eaten more than my fair share.

Oh Sew Good~Seems that pizza is the only main course that we never serve veggies with. Wonder why? We've averaged at least 3-4 pieces of pizza leftover too with the 12 slices. Strange!

Anonymous said...

I love the small portion factor, and use it for a lot of things, including pizza and money. When I get our cash for the month on payday, I don't get any $20's. If I just need some cash in my wallet, I can grab a $10 and still have $10 left in the envelope. Then if I'm out and about and want to stop for a snack, I think about only having $10 with me, or only the change from my original $10 and I make different choices. When I had $20's it always went faster, and I was going back to the bank for more. I found the same thing is true with the kids. If they have 2 $5's it's easier to say I'll spend one and save the other than if they just have a $10.

Happy New Year!