Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Day After

Yesterday was my birthday. I haven't had a birthday cake on my birthday for a few years, but now that my kids are getting to an age that it's fun to celebrate most anything, I thought having a cake would be fun.

My sons, Alex and Benjamin did most of the work. We made an angel food cake from a mix and Alex ran the mixer. Surprisingly, we didn't make a mess.

I had to work last night, so we actually had dessert first. The kids sang their "look like a monkey" version and we put 4 candles on the cake so each kid could blow a candle out.

My 5 yr old, Caryn asked, "What flavor is it?"

My response, "Angel food."

Again she asks, "But what know lemon, strawberry, chocolate."

How do you explain that angel food is the flavor? She wasn't buying it.

The kids and my wife made a good dent in the cake, but I still left with a half a cake in the kitchen that I keep going into just to make sure the cake is still there.

Off to the water park tomorrow for a school fundraiser and the end of Catholic Schools Week. Have a great weekend.


Kathy said...

Angel food! Good choice.

Karyn said...

Happy belated birthday!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Ron said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Miz said...

I was out of town on yer birthday so here are my belated wishes and a ALL OK THERE?

have the kids tied you up and commanded you not to blog? :)


Oh Sew Good said...

Happy Belated Birthday! If you put sprinkles on an AF Cake, does that make it Sprinkle-flavored?

Anonymous said...

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