Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Games

I was discussing last night with my wife about which Olympic event we would be willing to train for and compete in. On this week's Biggest Loser, the contestants trained with several of the top US atheletes.

I don't think my wife answered my question yet, but I'm sure she'll blurt it out someday and I'll wonder what the heck she's talking about.

I've thought about it for a while and the amount of training that goes into competing in any any event is outrageous.

We've been playing Wii Winter Olympics and about the only one I could come close to being in shape for would be Curling, only problem is I stink at it. There is a cool dream event: snowball fight that would be intriguing. I'll stick to watching them.

We're battling snow and sicknesses around here. 8 yr old was home with a fever today. Monday, I did my big grocery day with my 1 yr old. We always stop by the donuts to get our weekly alotment of food porn. Apparently, he didn't like the looks of the sprinkled donuts cause he lost his breakfast right there in the bakery section.

Oh well, he felt much better afterwards and I don't think I'll be able to walk through the bakery section again for a while and that's a good thing since Tuesday is Paszcki Day.


Miz said...


Ill take that since no one really knows the rules I like to think everyone will be very benevolent to me and simply cheer me on.

Hope the snow is abating (soon? yes?) and the fam is on the mend.

Ron said...

Sickness again ? Hope all are feeling better soon. And Spring is getting closer everyday!

Oh Sew Good said...

What is Paszcki Day?