Thursday, February 18, 2010

Having a Routine Week

I guess no news is good news. I've just been hanging out with the boys. Alex has discovered "Chuggington" as his new favorite show. It's on Disney and since it's fairly new, I think we've watched every episode five times.

I've stayed away from snacks all week and haven't had a soda either. Monday, I bought a new Omron pedometer. I wasn't surprised to see 3,000 as a step total and have tried to increase that total daily. I have succeeded, but still only got up to 7,000 today. Can't wait for the warmer weather. Today, I bundled the little guy up and hauled out stroller for a good walk. Unfortunately, not everyone shovels out their sidewalks well enough to get around in a stroller yet, but it was nice to get out.

Having fun watching the Olympics, seems Milwaukee is one of the top Olympic watching cities. Have a good weekend, I'll be working another Weight Watcher open house. Could be a long afternoon as the center has only had a few people show up each week so far.


Oh Sew Good said...

It looks like you're on the path to wellness again. Good for you! 7000+ steps today?

Anonymous said...
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Yum Yucky said...

I think Olympic-watching is a sport of it's own.

Anonymous said...

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