Monday, February 15, 2010

Fat Monday

Ash Wednesday is this week and I have got to set a healthy goal to reach by Easter. For some crazy reason, I've just not been motivated to lose weight. I have gained 20 pounds from my lowest weight of 186. Even though my pants still fit, I feel big. It sucks!

Tomorrow, is Fat Tuesday and the Paczkis' will be out in full force.

I'll be safe from the Paczkis since I'll be home all day, but there are plenty of other foods that could do me in at home.

My goal for the next 40 days will be to walk at least 8000 steps daily, I haven't worn a pedometer in a year and I know that made a huge difference in getting me to my goal. After I started being a SAHD, I haven't walked nearly enough. I still ride the elliptical at least 4-6 times weekly, but my walking is pretty much gone. It will be a challenge and I'll have to find a pedometer too.

I also want to give up my evening snacks and sodas. It's just a habit and I know I can do without it. The only time I will allow myself a snack is if I am sincerely hungry and I do know how that feels even though I haven't felt that "hungry" feeling for a long time. If I need something to drink, I'll reach for the water or a cup of tea.

My weigh in Saturday was just ridiculous. I'm actually embarrassed to post it, but I need the accountability and focus to get back where I need to be.


Anonymous said...
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Miz said...

and in a way theres no need to post it.
you saw it.
you owned it.
you know you need to keep looking and moving FORWARD.

and by reading this post we are all your accountability partners.

Oh Sew Good said...

So that's what a Paczski is. Yikes! Would you say you've been unusually stressed by anything lately? Maybe that's what might be contributing a little to the extra weight.

Frank Dobner said...

That looks like some ominously good tasting breakfast rolls. I live in the Chicago area and we northerners have a taste for sweets.

Luckily when you get used to eating stuff that is good for you, these things do not have nearly the grip on you that they once had.