Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

My 8 yr old has finally decided to get rid of the training wheels and actually learn how to ride her bike without them. I helped her out on Monday and held on a lot. Yesterday, she got so much better. Didn't need me to hold the back of her bike much at all. She got about 20 feet each time before pouting about not being able to steer. I thought she did awesome and I made sure she knew she was doing well. Today, I'm sure we'll try again and soon she'll be riding without looking back.

Why does it take so long to learn how to ride a bike? It doesn't!! Once you learn how to keep your balance it's a breeze and it's a life-long skill that you just don't forget over time. So then...why does it take so long to learn how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle? It doesn't!! Once you learn how to work everything into your lifestyle you have the tools for a lifetime. BUT...

The healthy lifestyle thing, is WAY tougher to keep up with. I wish the healthy lifestyle was like riding a bike. Just give me a helmet let me keep my balance. Wish it were that easy.

Awesome weather today, highs in the low 60's and I'm playing outside!!


Ron said...

60 here too, it was beautiful, sounds like your daughter is just a day or two from riding forever!

Oh Sew Good said...

Just catching up...I suppose it would all be determined on what your definition of a healthy lifestyle is. Would you agree?