Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

One thing that totally makes me happy today is that the weathermen consider today the first day of meteorological Spring. For some reason, it just makes the month go by smoother when I call it a Spring month.

Saturday's weigh-in was up again. My body does not seem to go for the .2 gain/loss, it always seems a bit extreme. Up 1.8 this week, but it's all good. Welcome Spring!

Grandpa doing as well as expected. Will probably leave the hospital today, but won't be able to get home for a while, so he'll recover in MN for the week at least.


Kathy said...

I'll take Spring any way I can get it. Meteorlogical will do just fine.
Grandpa's tale is starting to sound like a Lake Wobegone story! lol

spunkysuzi said...

Not spring here yet, but it's coming :)

Ron said...

Glad grandpa is doing ok, Anxiously awaitng for spring here!