Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unexpected Packages

Isn't it fun to get something left at your doorstep that you haven't been expecting? It happened to me yesterday!

I went outside in my short-sleeves, cause it is March now, and our "Welcome" mat was moved. Seems the UPS deliveryperson covered the box up with the mat.

WW sent me a bunch of free coupons for new products they're endorsing plus three boxes of their snack cakes. The snack cakes are 1 point each and we have them almost gone. When six people eat two each, they don't last long. There's no way my kids would have eaten these if I bought them, I would have hidden them because they're too expensive to share. Since they were free, I didn't care that my 1 yr old crumbled his up and made a first class mess.

Looking forward to a seasonally warm week. We got out for a walk yesterday, my 4 yr old was so excited to be able to ride his new scooter from Christmas. Can't wait till he can use his baseball glove!

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