Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wee Wee Wednesday

My little guy makes me laugh everyday. His latest quest at being like his big brother is imitating him going to the bathroom. Benjamin yanks his shirt up and holds it while sticking his belly out. He pulls his shirt back down and flushes the toilet. It's the cutest thing! He's not even close to being able to go to the bathroom on his own, but to him, this is it.

Over at JackSh*t Is Getting Fit, he's discussing being "afraid" of food. There are several foods that I am afraid to have in the house because I know if they're around, I will eat them till they are no longer around. I thought Girl Scout cookies would be one of these foods. Actually, I know they are one of these foods, but as long as I don't start eating them, I won't worry about them. We have four boxes and all four have been opened. The chocolate peanut butter ones are just about gone, the peanut butter sandwich cookies have been going in the kids lunches, the thin mints are a favorite of my 4 yr old and the 1 yr old is a fan of the shortbread. I know if I tried one cookie, there would not be any left by the end of the day, so I've been avoiding them.

Being afraid of food, and knowing your weaknesses are two different things. I'm not afraid of food, but I do know that certain foods will give me reason to overeat.

It is beautiful here in Wisconsin and I have put the winter coat away for the season! I may grab it again if totally necessary, but do plan on wearing my Spring coat for errands and quick in and outs. Feels good to wear a baseball cap again!


noelle said...

love the picture! My little guy trained himself so he could go on the tree in the backyard. He still loves to go outside.

I'm afraid of ice cream but only late at night if I'm alone. One of the best parts of working nights is that I don't snack at all after dinner.

spunkysuzi said...

He is adorable!!
I really can't have anything made with sugar in the house. Just not a good thing to keep around.

Karyn said...

what a cutie!!

My weakness is potato chips. They absolutely can't be in the house. If they are here, I will eat them!

Kathy said...

I guess "fake it till you make it" could apply here! lol

Ron said...

Spring is in the air.... I can't have M&M's in the house, Anything else that I shouldn't eat, as long as the box or package is not opened I am fine, otherwise, I will finish it off.

Sharon Brefka said...

What a ham Ben is. :) I love it!