Thursday, April 29, 2010


In the past few days, I've bumped into 2 people from my past. One, a nurse that worked with my on a unit at a nursing home for three years. It was during the time I was actively losing 80 pounds. She just happened to now work at the same nursing home as I do once again, even on the same unit. I saw her working in an office, took a double take and confidently went up to talk to her. Usually in the past, I would just walk past without saying a word. If she noticed me, that would be when I would interact.

The other happened while I was shopping for a certain Mother's Day present. I know it's early and all, but thought I better get a jump on it. I was shopping at a store that shall remain nameless cause it would give away what I was there for ;) On my way out, I noticed someone I played volleyball with for years. We played for at least 5 years together, but with children and changing lives, we all decided to break the team up. That has been a good 5 to 6 years ago and I hadn't seen this friend for several years. I greeted her and we had a good chat. This too would have been an encounter that 80 pounds ago, I probably would have tried to avoid.

I am proud of my weight loss and enjoy telling people when given the opportunity. Why shouldn't I be proud, it's darn tooting hard to lose and maintain a loss!

I got the not-so-friendly-you're-over-your-goal letter in the mail yesterday. Weight Watchers watches us employees and wants us to be good role models. In an email last week, the Territory Manager stated that 50% of the receptionists and 35% of the leaders are above their goal weight. I would love to not have to worry about that scale, and actually I don't worry about it much as long as my clothes are still fitting. Unfortunately, if I want to continue working with WW, it's one of the things I need to keep aware of. They rarely do much of anything, just friendly reminders to keep us motivated and encourage us to keep working at it.

Looking forward to a 70 degree day, too bad it's a tad bit windy.


kborn said...

Friendly reminders...those are the worst that make you feel guilty! You can share the news at your NH that your awesome SIL just made it through survey DEFICIENCY FREE!!!! THE WHOLE NURSING HOME!!!! We're super excited...we knew our staff was awesome...but not that awesome! :) Good luck with the weight and I guess that means stay away from my parents house!? My goal with pregnancy gain this time is take the routes home from work that do NOT involve easy drive through access! Seems to be working so far....:)

Miz said...

ok SERIOUSLY? can not believe you are already on the mothers day gift.

how greatorganized are you.

have a good weekend---filled with TB Pride.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

I didn't know that WWs sent those kinds of letters. Good thing. It's important to be a good example. I'm struggling w/ that as leader. Anyway, good for you for being more bold now and shopping EARLY for Mother's Day??!!! Whoa!! What a man!!! (I'm being bombarded w/ the questions at this point.)