Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saving Up

My 8 yr old has been checking out all the nutritional facts in the house. She's studying nutrition right now in Health and has had fun checking out calories, fat, etc. Unfortunately, she's a huge salt freak and adds seasoning salt to most anything. I don't mind as long as she eats the veggies she's adding it to, but I'm afraid now that she's checked out the nutritional facts and learned that there's no calories, she'll be pouring it on even more. I have made a point already to let her know that there is more to food than just calories, and some things need to be used in moderation.

During dinner last night, she announced that she will not be eating seconds anymore. She has decided that she wants to "save up" for our Disney trip this summer. We'll be headed to the most magical place on Earth once again this summer and she has a long list of things she'd like to try. Last year, seems someone put two large plates of nachos in front of her and she felt that she needed to eat them all! This year, she's hoping to tackle an Earthquake, which is a huge at least 10 serving ice cream explosion. So, it's probably not a bad thing that she's attempting to "save up" for the big event. Didn't go so well last night. She still had more chips and Sloppy Joe's. Initially, she said no seconds; then, she said seconds only on "small things" like pickles; then she said "can I have more chips!" We'll keep trying ;)

We've had beautiful weather and I have loved sitting outside now in the 50's-60's. By summer, I'll be too warm to sit out for long, so I'm soaking in my kind of weather right now.


Salty McSaltersonSOMETIMES said...

love that concept of more than just calories and that all things in moderation are ok.

for her I mean.

please to not take away my salt shaker :)

Oh Sew Good said...

Sea Salt is a better alternative. :)

kborn said...

I love it. She's a salt addict, huh? Maybe try pepper with her? That's what we've switched Q too since she realized there was such a thing as salt and pepper shakers. Good luck with the WDW food explosion, too!!