Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plugging Along

I am enjoying the Spring weather more than ever it seems. I'm not a huge outdoor kind of guy, but I have been outside with the kids more than ever. I think a big reason is because when we're outside, our inside doesn't get messy. Not saying our inside is clean, but still it doesn't get more messy.

We've enjoyed trips to the zoo, many neighborhood walks and just plain vegging in the backyard. I love our backyard especially since it is fenced in. I hear "over the fence" from my neighbor all the time calling for her 2 yr old to "come back", "don't go in the street", "stay here!" and then she shouts out, "We need a fence!" I just smile as I love our fence and maybe a big reason for that is because I did it myself!!

Eating, exercising and all things healthy have been going along fine. Seems mangoes are back in season by the price in the store and I've enjoyed my fair share lately. I just wish I knew exactly when to eat them. I've cut up a few that have just not been quite rip enough and then they are "stringy." I love my a perfectly rip mango though!

Have a great Wednesday.


Seth said...

I would figure that they would have a "ripe guide" near the mangoes.

sounds like things are going pretty smoothly right now.

Ron said...

Looking forward to fresh vegetables and fruit as it comes in season!

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Our yard is not fenced and it would be a difficult one w/ little kids, esp. since we have water back here. But when our kiddos were little (at another place) I used to take them to the front to wait for dad when it was time for him to come home from work. I established visual barriers that they weren't allowed to go past, i.e. a certain fence along the sidewalk, the edge of the sidewalk. And if they went against it, they had to go inside. They quickly learned that the rules were meant to be obeyed! I even used to make a chalk line that they weren't allowed to cross! It worked! Even had masking tape on the family room carpet so they wouldn't sit so close to the TV...what a nag I was! But it worked and saved me from nagging all the time and them from having to listen to it! :)