Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Thoughts

Daris is one of my personal favorites this season. I totally related with him last night when he was sent home for 30 days. He trained for a marathon while the other three contestants had to train too. His excuse for gaining two pounds, over training for a marathon. I think the real reason came during his late night video: 1:00am eating more food than he should in an entire day and then afterwards feeling guilty, stuffed, and frustrated.

Been there, done that. Although I would never get out of bed to eat since I'm either too lazy or value my bedtime too much, I have totally snacked on enough food to keep me alive before realizing what I had done. I have come to find that this happens if I don't eat my usual breakfast or the usual amount of points I am used to for lunch. If I skimp on my lunch, I snack WAY too much in the late afternoon.

I really feel bad for Daris. He has worked so hard to get where he is and he still hasn't learned everything he needs to learn to be successful. Same goes for Koli as he is just playing to win and not learning the balance that it will take to be successful in "real life."

I really don't care who wins the overall prize, I like all four of the finalists, just hoping a few certain people don't come back to win the at home prize.

Here's a few picks of my new, I mean the kids new swing set.


Patrick said...

It's funny you bring up Biggest Loser as I haven't seen much of this season but I did see lasts night's episode. And I saw Daris' weigh in comments and pleading for votes. How do you get on a guy who has lost the weight he has and transformed his body as he has? He obviously knows what to do, can do what he needs to do, and hopefully when the show is all said and done will keep on doing it. Not really sure how many of the Biggest Loser contestants stay healthy onward after the show is done, and, how many slip back and pack on the pounds again. Hopefully not many, if any, go back to where they were before show starts.

Cool swing set, and family, thanks for sharing.

spunkysuzi said...

Love the photo's of the kids helping you :) What a bunch of cuties!!
I don't watch TBL so i have no idea what your talking about, which is probably a good thing.

Ron said...

Cool swing set, swings for everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Yes unfortunately a lot of "losers" don't do it for life. I was one of those who has had to learn (the hard way) that unless life changes are made, the changes will not last.

Love your swingset pics and all of your helpers! :) Even your little son w/ the diaper-plumbers-butt!! :) lol Enjoy them! and the set! D

Miz said...

ahh BL I could rant about ye.

so much GREAT STUFF there.