Monday, May 17, 2010


Sabor Restaurant! Not a good place to go if you are trying to watch what you eat. 12 cuts of meat, a loaded salad bar, delicious desserts! The guys come to your table bearing meat! How can you pass that up? I went on Saturday night with my future brother-in-law for his bachelor party. My sister is getting married the second weekend in June. We had originally planned to go to the Brewer game, which would have been much easier foodwise, but they were sold out. Not sure why, seems they can't win a darn game at home.

12 cuts of meat! I sampled each one and gluttonously had more pork tenderloin than I care to admit. My plan was to eat a healthy salad and then try to eat only a few meats. Couldn't do it. Loaded me salad plate thinking I was going healthy, then turned the card to "green" to let the meat begin! They have little cards "green" for go, "red" for leave me alone I've eaten TOO MUCH! Sadly, I was not the first to go red. Not a successful evening, but it is a restaurant that I am glad I had the opportunity to try.

I couldn't even pass on the "sides" that were on our table. Fried bananas are evil! Then there were some awesome bite size rolls that I'm sure were loaded with butter, fat and cheesy goodness and like chips, I couldn't stop at one!

Dessert! I didn't any room left in my already full stomach, but I managed to order dessert, flan. It was awesome!

I did make a point to exercise much longer than normal yesterday to try to make up for it, but I don't think the hour on the elliptical will even make a dent in the colossal amount of food I consumed Saturday night.

I did do a lot of physical labor Friday and Saturday, I built a new swingset for the kiddos. Enough swings for everyone to enjoy at once. Friday was the building and Saturday I dug some post holes three feet down and it's not moving now. Pictures will be coming when I get them up on the computer.


Kathy said...

We've never done one of these restaurants but my younger daughter and her husband did when they were in Brazil last year. They laughed about not being able to speak the language but were able to point and turn the lights on and off!

Swing sets! I'm glad those days are in the past!

Patrick said...

Oh my, those Brazilian Gaucho joints are killer yet very fun. I've been to two over the years and I just can't see any way to do well there. At a cost of $30-40 per person to sit and eat you can't just eat a salad a small smattering of meat; at least I couldn't justify it. Not to mention it is a fun place to eat, why dull the fun by trying to be strictly healthy at a place of this sort? Simply, if your plans include a meal Brazilian Gaucho style, write that day off and get back on the health train tomorrow.

And as for the Brewers, I can guarantee you a win the next time I am at Miller Park. Being a Cub fan I get there once in a while for a Cub - Brewer game and as I am bad luck every Cubs game I go to they lose.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I've heard of restaurants like that but haven't been to one. Crrrrrrazy sounding.

Hope the kids enjoy the swingset!

Ron said...

Yup, sounds like Texas de Brazil, been to the one in Schaumburg outside of Chicago.... good food but I ate to much when I was there too!

Oh Sew Good said...

You can always make a grilled PB and Banana sandwich instead of frying your bananas. :)

Kathy said...

The guy who caught the ball is Skinny Guy's son!!!

Miz said...

never been and never even HEARD OF those restaurants.

that mightcould be a good thing....

Seth said...

12 cuts of meat -- sounds wonderful!

I think the ball game would have been just as fun though.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, first time visitor here. I've never heard of a restaurant like that, sounds like it could be major trouble!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kathy-Luckily, this one is in Milwaukee...English made it even easier to overeat. I had seen Skinny Guy's link on Facebook. Thanks for thinking of me.

Patrick-$30-$40 would have been good. Our total was $600 for 8 of us. Well worth it.

Mary-it was crazy and I'm, I mean the kids are enjoying our swings.

Ron-I could only go there once a year at best.

Oh Sew Good-Would love me a fried pb and banana Sammy.

Miz-Probably a good thing never to look into the restaurant. It was a meat eaters dream come true!

Seth-Considering the Brewers have lost about 10 in a row, think we made the better choice.

Karen-Thanks for dropping by, it was definitely fun!

Anonymous said...

Fried BANANAS??? Never heard of them, and I don't want to try them (might like them!) haha I'd better not let DH know about the restaurant you mentioned -- too dangerous! Eeek men love meat, eh?! I've been making a vegetarian meal 1x per week - not going over very well w/ my men here! :)