Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why a Rummage Sale is like Weight Loss

Day 1 of our first ever rummage sale went awesome. I really had no idea what to expect as I decided to go for it this week. We've had tons of stuff accumulating in our basement. It was amazing to clean it out and actually see the basement floor once again. Our trash treasures brought in $275!

Why didn't we ever have a rummage sale before? Well, it's a lot of work! The first step was the hardest. Deciding to do it. Once I started gathering stuff and pricing it, that was easy. The sale itself has been fun. Hearing my 8 yr old announce after each sale how much we made was priceless. The kids were having a blast playing with toys we hadn't played with for years. It was a great day and we were totally exhausted. Today, has been quiet, but it's a beautiful so we are still enjoying the weather.

It's that first step that's always the toughest. Weight loss, rummage sales, whatever it may be, taking the first step is always the challenge.

Sadly, no one has wanted to buy any of my WW stuff ;)


Patrick said...

Not a big fan of rummage sales myself. The ones I did years ago were as you say allot of work. So much so I may never do another. But it is great you have the whole family involved and that your kids are having a blast. Good luck with the rest of the sale and have a great holiday.

Kathy said...

Wow! You did well.
I see so many diet books and exercise equipment at yard sales. I'm not surprised that the WW stuff didn't go. Try again in January! lol

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like you and the kids had a great day!! What ww stuff were you selling??

Anonymous said...

Did ya sell the harp??? :( You didn't tell me the rummage sale date... D

Oh Sew Good said...

The comment about trying in January to sell your WW stuff cracked me up.

Ron said...

Wow, you must have sold alot of kids stuff, it always sells!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Patrick~It was a huge undertaking and I probably won't have another for a very long time.

Kathy~We did well with a lot of junk that we inherited with the house. Good idea about having a rummage in January, bet I'd be the only one in WI to have one that time of year. Wonder how many people would show up?

Suzi~I was selling a deluxe kit that I got for being staff, a few cookbooks, a few pedometers and a few dvds.

Dee~Sold the harp!!

Oh Sew Good~Wonder how a zero degree rummage would go over? Maybe I should try ebay then.

Ron~We sold a bit of everything and still had plenty left.