Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Week of School

This last week has been a busy one and it's not over yet. Last week, I got the basement cleaned up from our rummage and finally uncovered our two claw foot bathtubs that have been covered in treasures for the past several years. Considering we remodeled our bathrooms almost 8 years ago, it's probably time to get rid of them. Finally put them on Craigslist and sold one in a day for $150 and have had a few inquiries about the other.

Seems likes we've been celebrating birthdays everyday. Last week, Benjamin turned two and we HAD to have cake for him on his birthday. Caryn celebrated her summer birthday on that same day so luckily, all we had to do was make twice as many ice cream cone cupcakes.

Memorial Day weekend we had cake with my wife's family and this past weekend it was my family's turn. The cake won't end any time soon. This weekend, my sister is gettign married and Sunday is Caryn's real birthday.

Today, we celebrated K3 and 5K graduation. Caryn had a bigger program with 5K, but Alex showed off his stuff singing the ABC's and Wheels on the Bus with the K3.

I'm having trouble finding time to sit down and read/write blogs as I do this now, my 2 yr old is climbing all over me hitting all kinds of buttons. I'm hoping to post at least weekly, but if not, it's summer and I've got bigger fish to fry!


spunkysuzi said...

Although i'll miss your posts, have a great summer with the family!!

Patrick said...

Wow, making money off of bath tubs there. Have not used Craigslist, have heard good things about it. may give it a try next time I have a tub to sell :-)

Miz said...

love the photos TB and, as always, can totally relate to that last sentence and I HAVE ONE!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time w/ the kiddos -- they grow up really, really fast! ;) It's so busy when you're in it, but life does get less hectic and one day the house will be quiet (honest)!

Try to come up for air sometimes -- or we'll miss you too much!
PS WEAR THAT PEDOMETER! (nag, nag!) hehehe

Oh Sew Good said...

When did you go fishing? It had to be one of those days you didn't blog. What kind of fish are you frying? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can celebrate the birthdays AGAIN in two weeks in WDW!! LOL I'm sure we could find some cake there....maybe one with a Mickey on it...or maybe one of those yummy rice krispie treat Mickeys!!
15 days and counting!!

Congrats to the "graduates"!!