Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday Errands

Yesterday, I was home with the kiddos all day as well as today. My wife is in charge of organizing the reading program for her school's summer school program and has been busy at school and finishing up work on her Master's class. We had several stops planned to get ready for our trip to Disney World this weekend.

We made a stop at Menard's to get flashlights (free after a mail-in rebate), Walmart for a few pair of shorts for the 4 yr old, Target for muscle shirts for the 2 ye old and traveling pillows. We were on a search for youth ponchos and finally found some at K-Mart this morning. Everyone was satisfied but my 6 yr old who really, REALLY wanted a pink one. We settled on a blue one and I told her we could decorate it. Hoping glitter glue sticks to ponchos at least for a week.

I was wearing my pedometer during our errands and when we got home I checked and had close to 8,000 steps after four shopping stops.

I was quite amused at the reaction of fellow shoppers at Menard's. I had five guys stop and comment on the kids and the handful I had. None of the other stops brought any reaction.

We're chilaxing by the kiddie pool this afternoon as the temps are close to 90.

Eating is going fine, not actually sure what happened at my monthly weigh-in, I was up 8! Next day, back to 200. We did go out to eat the day before, so I'll blame it on Applebee's.


carla said...

saw your poncho tweet and came up BLANK with anywhere but the mart of the wall!!

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

I had to laugh about the pink poncho!! I had a really girly, girl too! Everything had to be flowery or something like that. We went on a trip once and I told her that since it was winter and we'd be doing walks/hikes etc., she wouldn't be able to bring any skirts/dresses along. You would have thought I'd told her we weren't going to feed her again!! I ended up finding jeans with embroidered flowers on them, otherwise she refused. It's funny now. She's almost 16 now!

About taking the kids on the errands, when my DH used to take the kids, women would flock to him!! Drove me crazy and it was funny at the same time. Women seem to LOVE men who look after young children!!

Sorry about your WI - must have been a shock. Sounds like you had PMS! :)
PS Hope you have a wonderful trip all together if I miss you before you leave!