Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trying the Elliptical

My wife told me four years ago that she would never use a treadmill. I had been mulling over the elliptical vs. treadmill debate that many people internalize. She also told me that she would use an elliptical a lot more.

It only took four years! She has been exercising deligently now for close to a month. Of course her motivation is to look better in her swimsuit when we go to Disney late next week. Not only has she started exercising, she has also started eating healthier. She hasn't been much of a salad/veggie type, but has tolerated them. She has limited her sugar, cutting out regualar soda, and limited her desserts.

Even though she's still wasting mindless hours playing on Facebook, she has not complained about exercising. In fact, she's used the darned elliptical more than me lately.

Officially, she was shooting for 10 pounds in a month, but has blown past that and now on the tails of 15 pounds. It's exciting to watch her enthusiasm for being healthy.

So here's an official shout out to Mrs. B and her awesome success practicing a healthy lifestyle.


Kathy said...

It is always so much easier when you are motivated. Good for her. And an early Happy Father's Day!

spunkysuzi said...

Way to go Mrs B!!

Miz said...


Ron said...

Congrats Mrs. B!!!

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Awesome Mrs. B. I can tell you that I didn't feel too great wearing my bathing suit last week and seeing the pics...EEK!

Anonymous said...

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