Thursday, July 15, 2010


I decided to get my lazy butt to a meeting this week. The meeting that I attended while losing the majority of my 80 pounds no longer exists. The leader hasn't been with Weight Watchers for over a year and that's probably about how long it has been since I attended a meeting. I woke up extra early yesterday and attended a 7:00 meeting. Actually, didn't effect me at long, more my wife had to wake up early to play with the early riser boys. I knew the result at the scale would not be pretty since I had to weigh in last week with my Territory Manager. She was pleasant and didn't really seem to care that I am almost 20 pounds over my goal. Frankly, I wasn't really caring either until my shorts were starting to get a bit snug and it's been so hot lately that I sweating just thinking of the notion of exercise.

Yesterdays meeting was about fighting through plateaus. I wish I was in a plateau, I seem to be heading up a very steep grade mountain and in the wrong direction! She had the regular culprits: portion control, tracking, exercise, etc. But the one that caught my eye was EFFORT. I haven't been muching more effort into losing/maintaining weight for that last year. I've felt that if my clothes fit, I've doing fine. Well, it's come to the point when that excuse is no longer viable. My goal for the week is to track daily. I have done this so far since last Friday when I weighed in with my TM, and that's 5 days longer than I've tracked in several months.

So the official damage: 208.8

My goals for the week:
Track daily. Often, leaders suggest a goal of 4-5 days, but I used to do it daily and have no reason not to once again.
Exercise daily. Not a huge goal as I have continued to do this for the most part, but I will be focusing on my effort this week and will have a goal of burning at least 300 calories during each workout.
Meet the Good Healthy Guidelines. My biggest challenge is getting two dairies and a serving of oil everyday, so that will be my focus. Unfortunately, a pan of brownies even though it contains 1/2 cup of oil probably is not an appropriate way to get my oil.

That's it for now, working towards a better week!


Kathy said...

Harold's bad knee and the need to get some weight off in order for it to heal better has brought all this back to the fore for us. It is so easy to slide back into bad habits. At least summer is a good time to eat fruits and vegetables and get out and move more. Good luck with the tracking. Sometimes that's all it takes to get rid of a few pesky pounds.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Good for you for getting back to meetings. When I go to the obesity clinic w/ my friend, the doctor says that in order to keep the weight off, you have to be as strict as you were when you got the weight off. Kinda sad info, but helpful to know. Apparently your body works harder to get back to it's "comfort weight" - your previous, before-loss weight. EEK! I'm going to see my doctor soon again, very frustrated.

spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on getting back to meetings! I find i don't notice the first lb or two or three. But sooner or later the clothes always tell the truth.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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