Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July is Almost Over

Where has this month gone? We've had a fun month starting it off in Disney World and enjoying other little adventures including a trip to Missouri this past weekend. I've done OK foodwise, I've been tracking best I could for the past 3 weeks. Hasn't shown a bunch of success on the scale, but I know I'm headed in the right direction. Lost a few tenths each week and I know they add up over time, so I've not in a huge hurry.

I have bought new Asics running shoes and actually have gotten out to run 4 days this past week. That's a HUGE accomplishment! I wouldn't call myself a runner yet, I've stopped a few times during the 2-3 mile attempts for a breather. Seems I don't quite have a good pace yet. I like to go fast and I know I need to slow down a bit to make it 3 miles running the whole way. I have gotten better the last 2 times and soon I'll be running the whole length.

I've attended WW meetings the last 3 weeks in a row. That's a major accomplishment as well. I feel that I stay motivated much better when I have someone "watching" me. I know as a WW staff, that I have a hard time keeping track of everyone and couldn't tell you who lost and who gained once the meeting starts because the line gets long and we weigh people so quickly, but that 1:1 moment on the scale makes an impact for the week.

We've done lots of "Back to School" shopping so far and the kids are ready for school to start. They all have new back-packs and lunch boxes and lots of new assorted school supplies. We have to go shoe shopping yet as everyone's feet have gone over the summer and it seems the only things fitting right now are flip-flops.

Have a great last week of July, we're off to the library this morning. My wife is pretty much back to work/school as she has taken on a new position this year as the Assistant Principal at her school along with trying to get everything organized within her old position since the teacher taking her old position is out of the country for two weeks. Library program this morning is for all ages, which is a good thing. We'll be dancing to the Polkas!


Kathy said...

Sounds like you have had a very successful summer! Good for you. Hard to believe summer is passing so quickly and that the kids will be going back to school so soon. Can't say I will miss the end of hot weather though!.

spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on getting back to doing the things that you know work! And yes pretty soon the kids will be back to school.

Patrick said...

I'll be looking for some new walking (sometimes jogging)shoes soon.Been hearing allot of good about Asics. I never thought much about my foot wear before but will need to do so with the next buy.

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

Sounds like you are getting everything together, great job and keep it going into August!

Anonymous said...
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Patrick said...

Hi, just popping in to see how all is going for you; how has your August been?