Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's been a week since I joined a gym for the first time. On Monday, I had an hour training session to get aquainted with all the equipment. Today, I attende my first group exercise: Spinning! It is extreme and I loved it. As much as I wanted to quit, I got lots of inspiration from the others in the group. After the group, a few members introduced themselves and I told them I was a "Spinning Virgin." the instructor was very impressed as I stuck in there and kept going. Tonight, I'm feeling it, but I'll be back spinning again soon.

Hoping to weigh in tomorrow, but looks like we got a sick 4 yr old. He's been sleeping since school let out, woke up for a bit before holding his ear and lying back on the couch to sleep.

Have a great week and take the first step.


spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on the spin class!! You rock kiddo :)

MizFit said...

oooh and???

are you soresore?
spinning kicks my booty.
or it would if Id done it more than once :)

Ron said...

Yea I hear that spinning kicks butt...great to hear that you hung in there.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Awesome on the spinning! Sorry your son isn't well - we've had some fluishness going through our place too. Guess it's the season.