Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts

#1 This morning, on the way to the doctor's office (4yr old has a double ear infection, first one ever), I was following a dump truck. On it's tailgate was the company's slogan: Results not Excuses!

Why a dump truck would carry that slogan is beyond me, is there a wrong way to haul dirt?

#2 Biggest Loser...Last night the eliminated contestant went home and has lost over 130 pounds. The person talked of anexercise regimon the include an hour and a half before work, an hour and a half after work, and another one to two hours at night. How realistic is that? I'm proud of myself when I workout anything over an hour!

#3 Spinning use muscles that riding an elliptical never touches. The tops of my thighs are extremely sore today. I rode my elliptical during naptime, but I was hurting.

#4 I haven't writen on this blog in consecutive days for a LONG time. I'm feeling good about my eating and activity and that's probably the reason. I actually feel bad about not being able to make it to the gym. The ladies in the Kid's Clubhouse have a habit of saying, "See ya tomorrow!" So it's added incentive to get there.

We'll see if I can make it three straight here tomorrow.


I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Love that quote! :)
I like reading your posts. I now recognize that Fern guy b/c of you! ;) (Phineas & Fern??)

spunkysuzi said...

#1-no idea
#2-i'm glad if i exercise over 30 minutes :)
#3-all i have to say is that i tried spinning, once!
#4-good for them

And i'll be looking for your post tomorrow :)