Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not Just the Calories

Weight Watchers made a huge program change over the weekend. Their way of figuring points has deleted calories from the equation. I've been following the PointsPlus system for over two months, but only now do I have access to etools. I have missed tracking on my app and am so glad to have it back.

We're finally healthy once again at the home front. I'm still battling a dry hacky cough, but I feel fine.

Gym's been going great. My 2 yr old trainer makes sure we get out the door everyday. He carries his own gym bag and runs whenever I mention anything about going away. I could be heading to the grocery store and he still runs for the gym bag.

We're watching my niece today and tomorrow as my sister is in Texas for my BIL's grandma's funeral. We're playing slot and she's awesome at cleaning one thing up before playing with something else. Benjamin likes cleaning too, he has been roaming the house for days singing the "clean up" song in his own language. They sing it at the gym everyday too.

Busy with holiday stuff here and hoping Santa brings a new computer for Christmas. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Is there a new "clean-up" song? We used to sing the Barney one - "clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere..." ???
Good to "see" you again! Love it - your "2 yo trainer" LOL.

Oh Sew Good said...

Oh how sweet is your personal trainer. What a buddy!