Friday, January 7, 2011

McDonald's Winter Tradition

Seems that McDonald's always has a special this time of 1 Big Mac, get the 2nd for the price of the temperature yesterday at noon.  This year, they've added a twist: buy 1 Big Mac or 1 oatmeal, and get the 2nd for the price of the temperature yesterday at noon.  Now, if they'd be accounting for the windchill factor, they'd be owing us money for taking the 2nd one today! It's chilly around these parts and I think they only run this deal in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Doing fine eating wise, but still not getting into the tracking routine.  I'm good for a day or two and then sluff-off.  It's not because I'm overeating or eating unhealthy stuff, just because I don't care to track.  We are bracing for a huge crowd at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  We have 5 staff assigned to the meetings rather than the normal 2-3 staff.  I've heard that lots of members who followed the older program have come back to see what Points Plus is all about.  Should be an exciting day!

I am completely sore.  Monday, I went to spin class.  Tuesday, I did the stair climber for 40 minutes and met with a trainer for 30 minutes.  Wednesday, I did a 60 minute boot camp, which included 30 minutes of Tabatas (look it up, sounds so much easier than it is). Of course, after boot camp there was a FREE Try It Bosu class that I just HAD to take. Thursday, I still felt great, so I headed out for another spin class that was added with the new year.  Today, I am exhausted and sore from head to toe.  Started feeling it Thursday afternoon.  I managed a half hour on the elliptical, but am so tired.

Looking forward to a good weekend, Go Pack! And Happy Birthday Grandpa/FIL! I'm contemplating going to Grandpa's house for a birthday party or staying home to watch the Packer game in peace on my 52" screen.  What will win out?


Ron said...

So, did you try the oatmeal at Mcdonald's?

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Never heard of those McDeals here. Maybe because we're in celcius - temperature has been negative 8 or so...???

What about tracking w/ something simpler than writing - like your own homemade "deal-a-meal"? I bought blanks cards one time and made my own set - so you just move the "eaten" cards over and then you can see what choices you have left for the end of the day (works well to eat a balanced diet also). Just an idea...

Enjoy your weekend!