Monday, January 10, 2011

Whatever Happened to?

This weekend, we had a massive influx of members at Weight Watchers.  A few of our meetings had 12-15 new members along with the 50-60 that already are members.  It was an exciting weekend, and I'm sure it will lighten up as the weeks go though. 

I stayed home yesterday while the rest of the family headed to Grandpa's house to wish him a happy birthday.  I know, it was selfish, but I wanted to watch the Packer game in peace and on my big TV.  If the kids had been around, they would have been subject to some language that they should not be hearing.

Before watching the big game, I headed to the grocery store.  We were totally out of milk, eggs, bread and a few other essentials that make life happier, like yogurt and coffee cream.  Well, after gathering all my groceries and heading to the checkout, I spotted a familiar face at the checkout.  One of my favorite WW members was manning the checkout.  I noticed right away that she had put on some weight.  This member, had been a longtime member, dating back to the time I was a loser.  We sat next to each other and I joined her on walks once in a while as she lives on my street.  If I spotted her, or if she spotted me, we'd head out together.  She was a walker fanatic! In December of '09, she walked a marathon, but hasn't been at Weight Watchers since.  I haven't seen her walking and I haven't seen her at a meeting either.  I hate spotting WW members at the grocery store as I know they are looking in my cart.  I totally did not have the best choices in my cart, including a snack pack of trail mix, 3 packs of pop tarts and chips.  I did have the "good" stuff too, but I know they look at the "bad" stuff. 

We talked as she scanned everything in my cart and saddly admitted that she has not walked since her marathon, and has gained 40 pounds back.  She has needed to go out and buy all new clothes as she had done the right thing and gotten rid of all her bigger clothes.  I felt for her, but I know how easy it is to pack on the pounds.  If I were not exercising daily, I know I'd probably be right back where I started.  She said she'd be in to a meeting this weekend, so I'll be waiting for her. 

Hoping for a good week, we're getting some snow here today.  Actually may be enough to snowblow for once.  We haven't had much at all yet this season, not even a foot yet and it's all been 1 or 2 inches at a time.


Oh Sew Good said...

Sounds like she planned for the "Wedding" and not the "Marriage". It happens.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

I hate seeing people who gain it back - it makes me so sad for them. I've been one of those though - and I think it's really held me back this time around, fearing being a "failure" again. But the only failure there is is one who stops trying. Funny what you said about stuff in your cart - I have that also when I see one of our TOPS members in the store - I always hope that my cart looks great!! :)

We haven't had much snow either here - but we got a dumping last night/this morning. Looks so pretty! I think we have about 6" - not a ton, but I love it!

crabbything said...

I love seeing members when I have good things in my cart. There's been some times when that motivation will make me put back something that isn't so good for me even if I have the points for it.