Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Winter

After an awesome weather week here, temperatures in the upper 40's-mid 50's, we are back to winter.  Snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Can't believe February is just about over.  Not sure where the month went, but it went.  We did a lot of outdoor playing this past week, I checked a few blogs and started writing, but the 2 yr old rules the house lately and naps have not been occurring daily anymore.  That's alright because if he doesn't get that afternoon nap, he's tucked up by 6:30ish.

Our state has had quite the month.  Everyone was so united while cheering our beloved Packers onto victory.  What a ride! In the middle of Superbowl week was a huge blizzard, which also tends to unite people with stories of survival and pitching in to help neighbors.

This past week, politics has ruled the state.  Our public employees, including public school teachers have been rallying in the state capital.  It's affecting everyone's lives whether we work in the public sector or not, everyone definitely knows someone who does and all of our views are very different.  This has totally divided the state.  From Packer triumph, to political division...our state has had quite the month.

I'm still not feeling the tracking.  My Territory Manger suggested I try to track during the "toughest" part of my day.  For me, that seems to be all day lately.  I had been having difficulty after school, to the end of the day.  That still continues to be the toughest part of the day and I've found myself eating just to eat and not worrying about tracking.  I track great for a day or two and then leave it.  Seems I still have a bad relationship with the scale, if it's down, I give myself permission to eat like a cow for the day.

Hoping for a great week as Saturday is my monthly weigh-in day.  Exercise continues to be fun at the gym, but I've been skipping the weekends, should probably still be doing something besides watching NASCAR and munching.  What a race though!


MizFit said...

heres to a great week for all of us.

we can do it.
we can do it.
we can do it?
we CAN do it.


Kathy said...

You guys have been beat up this winter. I would count watching NASCAR as activity. It is so stressful for me to watch that I'm sure I am burning up more calories than usual!

Anonymous said...

Winter here again too. I had spring fever very badly, but too early. Oh well. It WILL be here!!!

Oh Sew Good said...

Chin up! Spring is on the way. Perhaps your tracking isn't giving you the information you're really wanting so it might need some tweaking. For that you'd have to look at your motive I suppose. For example, if you want to see how certain foods affect your moods, you might want to indicate that in your tracker so your tracker takes on new purpose and not just for weight loss. Just an idea. Hope it helps.

MizFit said...

Checking on you....