Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a Lamb

What a beautiful spring day!  March is here. We still have plenty of snow on the ground, but the sites and smells of spring are all around.  More birds, melting occuring, and the sounds of spring training games back on the radio. 

I had a horrible weigh in on Saturday! I was expecting it, but need to get my buttocks in gear.  Yesterday, I was once again reminded of how awesome it is to be at a healthy weight.  I attended the Milwaukee Bucks 10th Annual Blood Drive.  I love going to these mobile blood drives as there's always people who have never given before and they are bound to faint, puke, or chicken out.  My experience went off easy without a hitch.  I remember not so long ago when the workers had a hard time finding my veins.  Seems a healthy weight loss helps with the blood giving process.

The kindergartener is home sick this afternoon.  School called after he had a second poop explosion.  Hopefully, it's just a quick virus and he'll be fine again tomorrow.  We'll see.

The exercise front continues to go well.  Today, I ran 4 miles in less than 40 minutes, which was my goal.  Then I got a buttkicking by a trainer including some awful scorpion-flip-kick-touch silly things she had picked up from the Biggest Loser.  I was game as I told her I saw Arthur do them last week.  They were definitely not easy.

Hoping I can continue tracking as I have done well for the last 3 days.  Let's get the tracking going for a week straight and then I see progress.


Miz said...

woo hoo!!

three cheers for days four and five and six and....

Anonymous said...

:) love the way guys express things... LOL
I'm enjoying the spring-like weather too. Seems that your weather is like ours - still lots of white but definately feels spring-ish!! Yah, I am SOO ready for it!

Yum Yucky said...

Welp, except for the poop explosion, things seem to be going pretty well! This is the first year ever in my life I got tired of snow. I want me my warm weather!!

Ron said...

Great 3 days, hope you continued to succeed!