Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Life Gets in the Way...

Honestly, can't believe where the time goes.  I've actually been doing great exercising and eating this month.  Early in the month, we had a staff WW meeting in which my boss wrote out thank you notes for each of us.  It was very motivating to receive a hand writen note that she personally wrote about me.  It has gotten me excited once again to get back to goal! My plan has been to become a leader once Big Ben makes it to pre-K.  I'd be able to work a few at-work meetings easily as WW is always looking for leaders for these at-works.  I've informally joined a challenge that started Ash Wednesday.  "Eight by Easter" and I'm kicking butt. 

There's been much talk at Weight Watchers meetings in the past few weeks about Special K chips. I found them at Sam's Club and they are very good.  Lots like a potato chip, but not nearly as much fat, calories, etc.  Another product I've tried recently are Apple Straws.  I've preferred the apple straws as they give me a bit of sweet that I am always looking for.

Everyone's healthy around these parts. Everyone, but not everything...car went in after the "check engine" light went one, $400 later the car is back to normal.  I've been attempting to get Big Ben to sit on the potty chair lately.  He doesn't mind doing it, but hasn't had much success yet.  I'll try to check in again sooner than later...Big Ben is attempting to ride Thomas the Train all over me right now, so it's time to play!


noelle said...

I'm sure you can make it back to your goal. You just have to be as attentive and motivated as you were a few years ago. It will happen quickly, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Potty training - the Second Labour! Good for you for planning to be a leader - I like the thank you idea...might "steal" it - this Friday is my last TOPS meeting as leader...Two years gone by!
Good to "see" you again!

spunkysuzi said...

What a great idea a challenge till Easter is :)

I think wanting to be a leader will be great motivation to stay on track.

Have a great day!!