Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30 Deals

Yesterday, the boys and I had a day to ourselves as the girls spent the day with my sister and her two girls.  We had a fun day as Grandpa came over to visit too. First we went to the State Fair to get a few tickets. They are almost half price until June 30 and then for the month of July and into the fair, they go up in price. So, since it was the last day for cheap tickets we took a walk.  Alex, rode his bike. It was the first time he rode his bike farther than our block, which is very flat.  He had a few tough hills to travel over and was pretty worn out by the time we go home.

Of course, since it was the end of June, we also had coupons for free happy meals that were expiring too. Hop on the bike again young man! We walked the six blocks to McDonald's to get two free happy meals with apples and chocolate milk.  Grandpa sat and read the fair preview booklet and decided we needed to walk back to the fair for another bargain.  Cream puffs! A six-pack for $15! Only through June 30.

So, back to the fair we walked. And on our way home from the fair, I made Alex ride in the stroller and I could tell he was hot and tired.  So it was on the bike for the 3 yr. old, Benjamin! Again, the first time he had riden farther than our flat block.  We got home, and crashed.  Benjamin was asleep within 10 minutes and Alex took a good rest time, but never fell asleep.  I did!

After dinner, it was off to pick up the girls and have a campfire and my sister's house. We were up too late! The 3 oldest kids and my wife slept out in our tent last night in the backyard.  I felt so bad for Benjamin this morning when he saw Alex come in from outside.  His eyes welled up and he just balled! Maybe a camp out for the wee one tonight?

Off to "Cars 2" today!

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Alyssa said...

Sounds like fun! We crashed today - after canoeing. Gorgeous out!