Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shelf Life

Well, I have to admit the best by date at the bottom says MAR 13 2011, but still...I thought Twinkies lasted forever. We have various snacks in the back of the cabinet that I like to throw into the kids lunches. Now, since it's summer, the kids don't even look at the snack cabinet, so in cleaning it out, we found this moldy Twinkie.

The kids have been actually having fun going to the gym with me. There are tons of kids there in the morning and they are able to play fun games, so even though they put up the initial "I don't want to go!" They do have fun.

We're getting closer to our Disney countdown and the excitement is a bit much in our house.  Lots of yelling, screaming and short included.  Will be a fun trip though.  Hoping for a good weekend, we're heading to Cars 2 on Friday and lots of 4th of July festivities over the weekend including walking in a parade, watching Fireworks and heading to the orthodontist for some headgear :)


❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

So they DO get moldy!! Who knew? (not me) LOL
Enjoy the kiddos! How has the weather been? I have a post for Friday about exercising & weather.

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to get your FIL to check dates on cans and boxes in our cabinets all the time....have to do it myself and get rid of the stuff when he's not looking! :)

Countdown to Disney....less than 2 weeks...hang in there, Daddy!