Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Wanna Learn Too

My kids are too cute for their own good sometimes.  Yesterday, I didn't make it to the gym as Benjamin had a fever and my oldest, Elizabeth was still sleeping at 9:00. I usually hit the 9:00 spin class, which is now totally awesome because we got brand new bikes, but I stayed home and rode the elliptical as the little guy took a nap in the afternoon.

Today, as we woke up, Caryn declared to everyone, "We have to go to the WAC because Daddy skipped his class yesterday, he CAN'T skip another one!" 

Cracked me up! I am glad that she's looking out for me and making sure I'm getting my daily exercise done.

On another note: Alex has taken off, full steam ahead, no more stopping him on his bike. In fact, he's been waking up early to ride. Today, it was 7:00 when he wanted to hit the pavement.  Since Alex has been having a good time riding, Caryn has decided that it is her time to ride a two-wheeler as well.  Her bike was a bit too big for her last summer and really it has sat in the basement most of this summer.  Sunday night we hauled it back out and by Monday afternoon, she was cruising.  Still having problems getting started by herself, but cruising and stopping on her own.

We went shoe shopping today, along with a new outfit for everyone for the first day of school next week.  It was an expensive day!

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