Friday, August 12, 2011


Our computer finally is back home and ready for action.  Our five year old is also ready for action.  He gets things fixated in his little head and will not let go of them until they are resolved.  The first quest this summer was to get a library card.  He practiced writing his first and last name for at least two weeks before our trip to Disney World.  As soon as we got home, his first stop was the library to get his own library card. The second quest has been to get his bunk bed set up.  I have not done that yet as I had it set up about this time last year and he ended up in our bed for a week straight before I took the bunk beds back down.  So, I hesistate to make that wish come true, but I continue to hear about it everyday!  The last quest was to learn how to ride his bike with no training wheels.  Again, I put this one off until after our trip to Disney World, but once we got back I took the training wheels off.  He tried a few times, but was frightened to fall.  I refused to put the training wheels back on, so it sat for a week or two.  Today, he decided once again to hop on.  He did it! Rode up and down our block with pride! Still needs to practice the starting, but he's got the stopping down.  Soon he'll be a pro. He's already stated that he's ready to ride to the park.

Our family was out of commission last week.  The flu hit a different kid each day from Tuesday thru Friday and our poor Caryn had flu symptoms the week before so we thought she was the one that started it all, she ended it too! 

That's it for now, we're headed to the State Fair tomorrow. The big sellers this year include a bacon wrapped hotdog, deep fried butter, deep fried beer and our traditional cream puffs. We set a World Record yesterday by baking a 125 pound cream puff.  15.5 gallons of cream! Unfortunately, it was warm outside and after it was prepared and the record recorded, the cream puff in inedible because it was in the warm sun too long.  Poor planning!

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