Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Funny Things Heard in a Meeting

I've been attending a WW meeting as a member that last few weeks.  I need to feel accountable to the WW gods and weighing in while I work just hasn't been hacking it.  Tonight, was a very good reminder of the importance of losing weight.  The topic involved not letting the scale dictate your entire week.  I love the leader and this group is one of her smaller meetings, so I do like it.  Her Saturday meetings average over 100 members per meeting, so this 35 member meeting is welcomed by me.

One of the funny quotes of the night came from a returning vacationer: What happens in Vegas, doesn't ALWAYS stay in Vegas! 

The best part of the meeting occurred when a longtime member announced a milestone.  She is a young gal in her early 20's and her ultimate goal was to lose enough weight to become eligible to join the military.  2 years of hard work, and 75 pounds later, she has reached her goal of being able to serve our country.  That was a huge goal that I would never had dreamed of accomplishing.  WTG! It was definitely a touching moment shared by all.

Next week, I'll be shooting for a loss! I've never weighed so late in the day 7:00pm seems like my bedtime, and I've been eating supper before hand as well.  The Halloween candy didn't help at all this week either.

I did get my bodyfat measured again today and even though the weight is not moving much, I have lost a fair amount of bodyfat in the last 25 weeks.  Went from just above 20% bf to just under 19% bf. An improvement, but I gotta work on the weight too.


❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

Awesome re: body fat!!! Mine has stayed the same over the past two times that I had it done, which was discouraging. The last time was in the spring...
Good for you for going to meetings - I think that's a sign of success, seeing what you need and making sure you get it (a meeting).

Ron said...

Congrats on that body fat loss!