Thursday, January 26, 2012


Driving past the biggest mall in Wisconsin everyday allows the kids a fun glimpse towards a good variety of landmarks. One, landmark that my 3 yr old doesn't let me miss is Applebees. Each time we drive past he let's it be known that he would like to eat there. "Applebees NOW!!" we'll be going soon to celebrate my wife's and my birthday.

Another fun sign we pass daily is the Kopp's Custard sign. All of the kids try to read that sign before each other. Everyday, it seems one of them announces the flavor of the day is their favorite.

We drive past 5 McDonald's, 3 Taco Bells, countless banks and othe restaurants. It's fun to drive to school for now, but will be so much easier once the winter is over.

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Anonymous said...

Good work. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

Thank you. The Scolder