Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Brownies

We normally don't have dessert except on the weekend. I usually have yogurt or fruit, but the kids don't call that dessert. Their desserts consist of ice cream or cakes or brownies. Wednesday was my wife's birthday, so my 7 yr old and I made brownies. The kids were extremely excited to find out there were brownies left last night for a second weeknight of dessert.

A few years ago, I don't think there would have been any left. I would have finished the pan after they went to bed. Proudly, I had one each day and there was a row left for my wife when she got home from her Masters class last night.

I'm still working on my exercise room. I seem to keep piling new boxes in there to go through. We got rid of a huge amount of boxes yesterday, and I cleared a bit of room out of our storage room. We ordered a new refrigerator since it was 0% financing for 18 months. We loved our frig at the old house, it was bigger and had the frig on top and freezer on the bottom. I am looking forward to getting that familiar friend back. We'll keep this frig in the basement for extra space.

Looking forward to a Weight Watcher weekend. I still haven't heard though if I'll be working there after next week. We're moving to a new location and had to reinterview in August. Would be nice to know before I spend the weekend training. I know the two receptionists that I work with have been told they will not be moving because they are over their goal. We will see.

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Denny said...

I hope you get to work at the new WW's. They'd do well to have you there.