Friday, February 17, 2012

At Home

It's Friday morning, I took the kids to school and headed back home.  Working out for two hours a day Monday thru Thursday just wears me out.  I planned to prime a few walls in the basement, but it's gotten to be a time where I decided it just didn't pay to start.  I got downstairs and taped all the woodwork, and by that time I would have had about 45 minutes to paint, so I decided not to start.  At least it's all ready to be primed and painted. 

It still is wierd being home during the day.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm so used to heading to the gym everyday, when I do come home, I have to have something to do or I'm just walking around aimlessly heading towards the cupboards.  I will be heading out to Menard's soon to get a few things.

No plans for the weekend, I may head to a Weight Watcher meetings tomorrow morning just to get some motivation, but I'm just not feeling it lately.  My eating has been fine, but I just don't want to follow the points.  Seems when they took my Saturday meetings away, they took my motivation to follow the plan away too.

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Denny said...

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