Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things That Break

There are some things that break and do not need to be replaced immediately. Sunday, I grilled a tenderlion out and had Caryn and Benjamin carry the platters out to help me. Low and behold, Benjamin just about dropped his on the deck steps. I was right behind him and saved it. Then, I opened the grill and checked on the meat. SPLAT! Somehow he managed to let go of his platter and it broke into a thousand pieces. I don't need to replace it yet.

Yesterday, I started my coffee, went about getting everyone ready and on the way out the door tried to pour my coffee and it hadn't brewed. What? It was on, everything the same as always just no coffee. That is something that has to be replaced. Luckily, it was Valentine's Day. Got one.

Strategizing with weight loss is very similar. A WW member came into to way today and mentioned how she enjoyed the "game." Strategically planning her points and making sure she spent her points on something she really needed.

Wish I could get back into the "game" and have have strategically planning my day.

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