Monday, July 30, 2012

Training for the Olympics

It's amazing to me to watch the Olympics and watching all the back stories.  How certain athletes missed making the team by mere hundreths of a second four years ago and now they have made the team this time around.  How other athletes have missed out on the dreams because only two athletes from each country can compete.

It's also amazing to me to realize where I was four years ago, compared to where I am today.  Four years ago I actual weighed about the same as I am today.  Unfortunately though, I was on the weigh down from 275 where today, I am on the weigh up from a low of 186.  I have done a horrible job watching what I eat since quitting my job at Weight Watchers in February.  It has left me with extra pounds and I am not happy with it.  I have occasionally tracked, but usually not.  I have occasionally exercised, but usually not.  I have occasionally been happy with my choices, but usually not.

I need to get in the mentally of an Olympian for a moment and take this weight loss thing more serious.  I have definitely not been happy where it is going since this summer I was forced to buy new clothes not because of losing weight, but because of gaining weight.  I tried my jeans on yesterday for the first time since February and it twas not a pretty sight. 

Serious weight loss Olympian training needs to come.  I believe I can will need to be a new motto instead of, "Who cares?"

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