Monday, August 13, 2012

Is Summer Over Yet?

Summer has definitely been a problem time for me since I've stayed home with the kids over 4 years ago.  It is tough to maintain an eating and exercise routine throughout the summer and I just hate tracking! I've had good days, but it seems the bad days (non-tracking) out number the good days 2 to 1.  When I track, I do great, I've been tracking well, Monday thru Wednesday as those are my work/gym/routine days. Then, the 4 day weekend starts and no tracking, no exercise starts.  It will get better.

I broke down and bought a bigger pair of pants last week as being uncomfortable in tight work pants, just makes me even more frustrated.  I had another interview on Thursday and this position is one that would be perfect as it is for a Hospice and flexibility is the name of the game in Hospice.  Hours would vary from 4-20 and they would be daytime mostly.

Another routine that is causing problems at home is the bathroom.  Seems the 4 year old is having a tough time making it to the bathroom. I'm hoping that the routine of going to school and the schedule of the day will get him back on track as well.

Hoping for a good week, the weather has been beautiful 70's to low 80's and 60's at night.

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