Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Halloween can not be over quick enough.  We bought a boat load of candy...3 bags of 150 each.  Why? We didn't want to run out? In our defense, we've never been in our house before for trick-or-treat so we had no idea what to expect, but 450 pieces of candy was probably being a bit more than prepared.  We live near the entrance of our subdivision and apparently all the kids head for the middle of the subdivision and don't bother making it all the way to our house.  We did have the neighborhood kids, but beyond a few other stragglers, we did not have many.  Possibly 30-40 kids, so we were more than prepared. 

Yesterday, the wife took a bowl full to school, unfortunately it was the bowl with the candy I didn't so much care for.  She left the chocolate bowl! I was great all day, but after coming home from work at 8:45pm I was hungry for something fast and the candy bowl won.  I grabbed 3 fun size candy bars, followed by 3 more.  I was able to reel it in and stop at that, but the damage was done.

The 4 yr old was so worn out from trick-or-treating that he fell asleep on the ride home from school and didn't wake up till morning.  It was early morning, 4:00, but he still slept more than 12 straight hours.  The other 3 kids had off yesterday, so after the 11 yr old was done charting her candy haul, we headed to the gym to swim.

My kids are awesome about eating candy.  I don't ever remember asking my Mom if I could eat some candy, but my kids have been asking every time they want a piece and they're not asking often.  I've probably eaten more than them with my quick bursts of sugar. 

Hope everyone is safe, we've got a little wind today, but nothing major. 

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