Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

I can't believe a week goes by so quickly.  I was quite busy last week getting ready for a party on Saturday.  Hope the wife appreciates the cleaning I did.  Each day I picked a different room/floor to conquer.  I saved the basement for Friday because that place just collects clutter, toys, junk, clothes, etc.  The kids like messing it up much more than cleaning it up.  I hid several totes including the play-doh, Barbies, dress-up, and baby dolls before the party Saturday.  I did have one little niece ask where the dress-up clothes were and I told her we weren't playing dress-up today.  She found plenty of other toys to play with.

We had a fun party Saturday for my MIL, who turns a certain retirement age this week.  Someone brought the flu-bug from MN and infested our family. Four year old sick Sunday, Eight year old sick Monday and Six year old sick today.  My 11-year old seems to avoid the germs as she stays away from them as much as possible even on a healthy day ;)

I did sneak out to vote and I did sneak downstairs to exercise, but my food choices suffer when there are large amounts of leftovers in the house.  I did track a few days last week, making it the first time I tracked in almost 4 weeks.  It is so easy to stop that habit!

I think I've convinced myself to quit my gym membership.  I have one more training session left and then I'll quit.  It will save a huge amount of money not paying the monthly membership, training sessions, and for Fit Club.  I could pay to go to Planet Fitness for 1 year for as much as I pay per month at my current gym.  It made sense when I lived closer and when I had kids at home because the daycare option was awesome.  Now, I'm lucky if I make it 3 times weekly.  I'll make sure to use the time wisely at home.

Get out and vote!!


Jen said...

Join a new, cheaper gym if you quit the WAC. I quit in April which made sense for the summer but I'm nervous about how to keep exercising through the winter and spring. Or check out options through the rec department. Right now swimming at Tosa East is a life saver two days a week. Let me know if you want to sign up for a 5K. I'd do a winter one if I had someone to do it with. Or even better yet, let me know if you want to do the IcebreakerMarathon relay with me. 4 of us would split up a marathon at the Pettit. I've done it twice and its great because you can do a lap then rest, wait 20 minutes, then do another lap, etc. You can switch runners as often as you want.

Anonymous said...

You can come & clean my house anytime! And I'll appreciate it, for sure! haha (no one ever agrees to this scenario)
Too bad about the flu - seems its going around everywhere!
Good job on sneaking the exercise in! I feel so much better when I exercise daily.

Miz said...

checking back in on you :-)