Friday, August 30, 2013

Knowledge is Power

I'm a Music Therapist and love Pinterest. I use it to get intervention ideas for the populations I work with. Today, this pin struck a chord. Totally tells the story of my path back to 270. Moving, debt, new job, new schools for the kids were stressors, then came the excuses. 

I joined a "Dietbet," but really have not started. I'm putting off the exercise, which there is no reason for. I've got the time!  I just feel like next week when the kids go to school, I'll be more apt to exercise. 

I've tried tracking a few days, but by mid afternoon find it cumbersome and stop. It's just part of the self sabotaging I've been doing. 

I know I can beat this, it's just a matter of motivation, because I realize how hard the journey is...

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Denny said...

There it is in black and white! How are things progressing for you now?