Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Could Be a Swinging Knight!!!

I've lost over 40 pounds to date, and this morning I decided to try on a pair of pants that I wore during college as much of swing choir I was in. The Swinging Knights have changed a lot over the past 10 years and so have I. I haven't been able to fit in these dress pants for a long time, but I kept holding onto them because they are definitely the most expensive pants I will ever own. Well, this morning I tried them on and the don't fit. Actually, they are too BIG! What a surprise, I am now below the weight I was during my sophomore, junior and senior years of college. Won't mention that freshman year because that's what got me to where I am. Most gain the freshman 15, I gained the freshman 40 and am still attempting to rid myself of them. I am so excited to be able to wear my Swinging Knight suit, double-breasted with small-plaid slacks. Hope I have a wedding to go to soon before they start falling off of me.


Kathy said...

Who knew...lose weight and become a wedding singer!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Sounds good to me. Wedding singers make good money.