Friday, August 3, 2007

Pigging Out at the Wisconsin State Fair

I mentioned on the GOAD message board today that I went to the fair last night. While I was there, I was watching everyone else eat and the amount of food consumed. It got me thinking because someone asked about how we react to obese people now. I am still obese, on my way down, but definitely still obese. I can't say anything bad about others that are eating food at the fair that seems to be a bit extreme because I've been there. I have always gone to the fair for food. Cream puffs, cheese curds, buttery corn on the cob, carmel apple sundaes, garlic toast, and on and on. Last night, I went because it was cheap and because I wanted to eat supper there. Once I got to the fair, I realized that the food really is secondary to everything else happening. We walked through the culinary, flower, and craft exhibition hall. This is where people submit recipes, flowers and various crafts/art to be judged. It really is a great building to visit plus we have fun picking out names that we know. After walking through that building, we did get dinner for the kids. Pizza was the choice and they ate it well, which was the only reason we got it. My wife got cheese curds and I opted for a baked potato. I stayed within my points for the day and felt great when I got home. Normally, I would be so stuffed and feeling bad after going to the fair.

I'm not sure how to feel about those eating because the food is readily available. I do know that I will be going back to the fair and I will be on plan once again.


Kathy said...

You did incredibly well. I think the smells at the fair always call my name...especially the peppers and onions cooking with the sausages. I quit eating them ages ago due to the horrible heartburn they would cause, but the smell still is wonderful.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm going back for another round of the fair today. Hope I can be just as good.