Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 15

Week 15: 223.2
Last Week: 228.0
Progress: Down 4.8
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 47.0
Average Weekly Loss: 3.13

I can't believe this week's loss. I was actually embarrassed to admit my loss at my Weight Watcher meeting tonight. I have been to the State Fair three times, but have managed to be very disciplined. We talked about FOCUS at our meeting today and picking one thing to focus on weekly: choices/portions, exercise, water, tracking, etc. This week I definitely watched my water intake. I bought a WW water mug last week and have been trying to drink at least three mugs fill. 32 oz. each time. It seemed to work this week, plus I feel that the exercise I did last week with putting up my fence finally caught up with me.

Today, I also joined a weight loss challenge at work with over 20 other people. We all paid $10 and set a goal for 10/6. If we reach our goal we receive our $10 plus a cut from all those who do not reach goal. I decided to set my goal conservatively and and working for 12 pounds in 8 weeks, that will be 1.5 pounds a week. Looking at my track record, that shouldn't be a problem since I haven't lost less than 2 pounds in a given week yet.

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Kathy said...

Well...look out, Brad Pitt!!!